Common issues and tips you can execute to diagnose and remedy your hot water system matter:

You do not have sufficient hot water

A straightforward solution is quite an obvious one. You may not have a sufficient amount of heated water for several of your house-hold/ living needs. The simplest way to fix this issue would simply be to hold back until there is enough heated water available. After a bit of time, ramp up your shower to see if starts to heat up again. Also, try another faucet to ensure that the issue isn’t localised. When you have a hot shower you might make adjustments like using lower-flow faucets and shower heads to attenuate water usage, it is a far better idea just to spend money on an even more powerful tank-less hot water heater, that could carry on with along with your demands.

You do not set your hot water heater hot enough

In the event that the shower water is somewhat warm but not warm enough, even when it looks as though it is reaching a hot temperature it might mean you’re in trouble. The reason for this is because this temperature provides minimal scald risk, and in addition stems bacterial development in heated water heaters. However in some cases, this isn’t always high enough – or your hot water heater can be set to a lower life expectancy temperature. On some water heaters, you can easily just turn a dial or use an electronic digital interface on the exterior. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, just call up a nearby plumber.


You have a malfunctioning shower mixing valve

If you are noticing that you are getting warm water through all other taps/ faucets and appliances in the home and have ruled out of the RSL and a faulty heated water heater, and you are clearly still experiencing uncomfortably cold showers, your shower mixing valve might be faulty. Given that name suggests, the shower mixing valve is in charge of mixing hot and chilled water together, to produce the correct shower temperature. They could also be positioned incorrectly. Each one of these issues could cause uncomfortable shower temperatures.

Any of the issues listed above are likely to be the reason for your cold showers and lack of heated water. So take another look now, think about what the issue might be, and contact a hot water system specialist like Waterwize that delivers quality services to their customers with all hot water system repairs, sales and installations.