The upfront cost of buying electric hot water systems is quite economical as compared to other options. This is the reason why most people prefer buying them. They are a good choice for offices and homes that don’t have a gas connection and don’t have space to install the solar heaters. Electric heaters are quite convenient and it is no wonder why they remain the most preferred choice across the globe.

There are thousands of companies selling and repairing hot water systems across Australia but be aware, not all of them are genuine agencies. Here is what sets us apart from tons of other agencies.

  • We at Waterwize Services Pty Ltd., one of the oldest electric hot water system suppliers, sell electric heaters of all popular brands such as Rheem, Rinnai, Dux, AquaMAX, etc. Our products are 100% genuine and come with original manufacturer seal and guarantee.
  • We sell good quality electric hot water systems at discounted prices. Having more than 25 years of presence, we have established a strong relationship with the manufacturers and therefore, get products at a discounted price. This is the reason why we are able to offer you a discount that you won’t get elsewhere.
  • We offer same day electric hot water system repair services. Call us and our expert team of technicians will reach you as soon as possible.
  • Handling electrical equipments is not an easy job. We therefore, have created a team of highly skilled plumbers and electricians to offer you seamless and prompt services.
  • We do offer emergency services. Our emergency team will reach you as soon as possible so that there is no major damage caused to your home.
  • We have a wide variety of products that will suit your requirement well. Whether you need a heater for your office or for a small family, we have the right product for you.

Apart from electric hot water systems, we do have gas heaters, heat pumps, and solar heaters. To know more about our products and services, call us at 02 9002 7345.

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The Forte of Electric Hot Water System

Waterwize Services Pty Ltd presents you the best brands and models available in the domain of Electric Hot Water System in Sydney. Our company has built an unmatched reputation in the industry. Therefore you can be rest assured we only offer brands that will be safe and economical for our customers.

We empathise with the fact that although each one of us desires to defend the degradation of the environment by investing in gas fired heaters, everyone may not have the financial potential to lend a helping hand. To assist those who can afford to do their bit for the environment, we furnish certain positive aspects that make your purchase of an electric hot water heater convenient and prudent.

Your Security is Priority

A gas ignited heating system certainly proves to be more cost effective, but it rates poorly in terms of security. Accident of any kind in the house premises is unwarranted so why not find ways to minimise the probability of one. A mishap owing to the escape of gas has far greater probability of occurrence than one due to an electric shock. Not to forget the personal and household damages that one will incur after a gas explosion. In this light, it definitely seems a wiser option to install an electric variant.

Water Heater Installation Aspects

The paraphernalia associated with the installation of a gas heater is much more elaborate than an electric heater. Firstly, a gas product calls for ample space in the surroundings to facilitate the outlet of gas buildup. On the other hand, an electric heater can be fitted even inside a small cupboard. The price of installation is also higher in the gas ignited appliances as one needs to drill holes in the ceiling for exhaust purposes.

Compatibility with Budget

There is no doubt the cost of the water heating system has a huge bearing in people’s decisions. That is why it is prudent to opt for an electric hot water heater. It comes at a much lower price and it known to last for a long duration, as it not subject to too much heat.

If you reside in Sydney and require installation or repair services for your water heater, look no further than Waterwize Services Pty Ltd. Our company has competent staff with years of practical experience and unmatched knowledge. Just make your selection of the model and leave the rest to us.