Free up space in your house with Rheem Hot Water Systems

Of the various types available in the market today, Rheem is one of the best products to choose from. We have a solution for all your applications from the smallest to the biggest. Rheem designs their appliances to be very compact, helping to free up a lot of space in your house. So they are a great product to have installed regardless of whether you live in a small or big apartment. With our water heating systems, one never has to worry about the fluctuating temperatures because they provide instant hot water whenever required.

Reliable and safe

Rheem hot water gas heaters promise quality and efficiency. They have been featured in a well known magazine for builders called “Building products top 100”. It is also one of the top green products in building history. These units are being sold in large quantities and require less maintenance and repairs. Rheem hot water systems are very simple and easy to use and are a proof of the technological advancement made. They include state of the art temperature controls and are very user friendly with built in diagnostics and easy to read maintenance codes.

Dual Gas burning heaters

We have tankless gas water heaters and also come with dual gas burning units that heat the water as it passes through copper piping. As compared to conventional water heating systems, one never runs out of hot water with these gas water heaters. They boast an energy adequate design that is low on cost during operation. These water heating systems work well for larger households if you purchase an EZ-Link cable to connect all the units in the house at the same time.

Manufacturers guarantee

Rheem is a brand name and a respectable name in the market. Because they are committed to providing quality services and after sales care, they are one of the hottest selling names. Their call centres are adequately staffed with trained personnel who are technically sound. You can call them any time of the day and they will provide you with a solution to all your heating needs. Manufactured to match the highest quality standards, Rheem is a name you can trust. When you purchase a product, they will ask you to fill in a warranty card. This card will be immediately sent to the head office for a registration of your product. All their products have 20 years warranty and usually meet this life expectancy as they have been manufactured using the most durable materials.

Where can I buy a Rheem hot water system?

Waterwize services are specialists in the plumbing industry. Having over 25 years of experience, our technicians have the required experience and training to provide a hassle free service to our clients. We deal in the supply and installation of various hot water systems. When you buy one, our trained professionals will help you with the installation as well. We believe in providing fuss free services to our clients and that is why we have tons of happy and satisfied customers in and around Sydney.

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Energy-efficient instantaneous hot water systems in Sydney

If you are in the market for an instantaneous hot water system, then you have arrived at the right place. At Sydney Wide Hot Water, we are the experts you need to make the correct decision. We give you no-frills advice that is going to make your choice an easy one. We understand your hot water needs and how energy efficient it must be and we suggest you a product that is suitable for you. If something goes wrong, we have your back and we are there to fix it. Our expert service-people are available to offer you instantaneous hot water heater repair any time you want. We even have an emergency service in place which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are truly your best choice if you are looking for a system in the city or need repairs.

Save money on your electricity bills

If you want to save money on your water heating costs, then we suggest that you choose this product. Why? Because instead of heating the whole tank of water, it only heats as per your requirements. You are going to save quite a bit of money on running your instantaneous hot water heater costs if you choose this product. And what’s more important is that as long as you have electricity and gas supply, you are always going to have hot water. At our firm, we strive hard to bring you those products which are perfect for your needs. We believe that each customer is different with different needs and that is the reason why we think that this product is going to work for you.

Instant hot water supply all day (and night) in your home

If you were searching for great deals on instantaneous hot water heater prices, then we are your best choice. Instant hot water any time you may need it is something you and your family are going to appreciate. Never running out of hot water again is a great thing to have every day of your life. Our select brands and models in a variety of sizes ensure that you find a product that is perfectly suited to your family’s needs.

Buy an instantaneous hot water heater in Sydney from us

If you are wondering whether buying from us is the smart thing to do, the answer is yes! Why? Well, here are some benefits of shopping with us for your instantaneous hot water heater.

  • Affordability is something we strive to offer our customers. That is why you will find that shopping with us keeps your purse happy.
  • We offer you same-day service. In fact, we even have an emergency service 24 hours a day if you need repairs done on your system.
  • We have experience of working in this industry for more than a quarter of a century. With us, you choose quality and experience.

So if you are looking for an instantaneous hot water system in Sydney, then calling us at the Sydney Wide Hot Water is a really great idea. Place a call today at our phone number 02 9002 7345 or drop by at 41/55 -59 Norman St, Peakhurst, NSW.

Rheem Hot Water Systems at Waterwize Services

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Product Name: Rheem Stellar Rheem Electric Hot Water System
Litres: 315 Litres & 250 Litres
Power Type: Electric Hot Water System
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
Efficiency: 24% Better Than MEPS
Description: Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank
Product Name: Rheem Stellar 330 SS Rheem Gas Hot Water System
Litres: 155 Litres
Power Type: Gas Hot Water System
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
Efficiency: 5 Star Energy Efficient
Description: Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank
Product Name: Rheem Stellar 330 & 360 Rheem Gas Hot Water System
Litres: 130 Litres & 160 Litres
Power Type: Gas Hot Water System
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
Efficiency: 5 Star Energy Efficient
Description: Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank