Are you fed up of standing in the shower and waiting for the water to heat up? Do you want a never ending supply of hot water for your kitchen and bathroom? We strongly suggest you to try our continuous hot water systems. These heaters are designed to give instant and on-demand hot water, unlike the conventional heating systems that heat the water and store it in the tank. Instead of storing the hot water, our instant heaters heat water as and when you want it, thereby saving your energy bills.

Here is why you must install our continuous hot water systems:

Enjoy endless hot water 24 x 7

With our continuous hot water heaters, you will never run out of water. These heaters are usually electricity or gas based and will keep working till you have a continuous supply of these energy sources. Whether you are the last person in the shower or have some unexpected guests at home, our continuous hot water systems will meet your entire requirement. Just make sure you install the right sized heater.

High quality products and services

We at Waterwize services Pty Ltd offer only high quality products so that you don’t have to bother about getting them frequently repaired. Having been in this business for more than 25 years, we are equally respected among our clients as well as manufacturers. We have earned a good reputation based on the quality of products and services that we offer and we will never compromise with them. Our same day services are available at an affordable cost.

We guarantee our work

Whether it’s a scheduled maintenance or a major repair, we guarantee all our work. Rest assured, you will never run out of hot water irrespective of the product that you choose.

Minimize energy bills

As we said, our continuous hot water systems heat water when required. They do not keep heating water and storing it for future use. This saves a lot of energy as only the required quantity of water is heated. We have both standard as well as high-efficiency models that can further minimize your energy expenses.

Compact varieties

We have a wide variety of continuous hot water systems that will suit all your family needs. Whether you have a family of four or want a heater for a big office, we are sure we can meet your needs. Whatever product you choose, it will be quite compact in size and can be fitted internally as well as externally.

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The Luxury of Continuous Hot Water System

Gone are the days when proper spacing was a requirement between two bathing schedules to ensure proper influx of hot water. The continuous hot water system is a revolutionary product in the sphere of hot water heating systems. Unlike the traditional water heater, an instantaneous hot water system is more compact in physical dimensions and provides fast results, thereby slashing your electricity expenditures. What a fabulous methodology to cut down on household cost?

The Mechanism of Functioning

This system passes the water through copper pipes that are heated directly by the gadget. The heating sensors work in coordination with the flow of water. The sensor is set into action with the turning on of the tap and the gadget stops functioning once the tap is closed.

The Positives of the System

Continuous hot water system has the potential to provide you with hot water whenever and how much you need. No disruptions in flow at all. Sedimentation or other maintenance issues are relatively low since there is no storage tank in this technology. Moreover, the absence of a tank signifies no requirement for panels on the bathroom ceiling. Finally, the biggest asset of all is the reduction in power consumption. By opting for this novel heater technology not only are you saving your finances, but are also assisting in global energy conservation.

The Fallouts

The most significant thought before installation of this gadget should be assertion of precise requirement. If you are blessed with a large family and your daily water requirements are immense then you may prefer to forego this selection. Secondly, the pressure of water is much less compared to conventional hot water systems. Furthermore, owing to the continuity of water flow, one tends to end up getting lured towards consuming more water than normal.

With more than two decades of practical experience in this field, Waterwize Services Pty Ltd has carved a niche for itself in Sydney. We promise to furnish the best price for each product with no compromises on quality and competence. If you need help in selecting the perfect hot water system for continuous hot water, we would be glad to help you out.