Bosch is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most reliable hot water system manufacturers in the world. It has become a household name across Australia. Its innovative product line is sure to impress you. This is also one of the oldest continuous hot water system manufactures who had pioneered the technology in late 1800s. With time, this company has evolved to become the market leader. This is the reason why we at Waterwise Services Pty Ltd strongly recommend Bosch hot water systems for people who cannot imagine their life.

We have Bosch water heaters for both residential as well as commercial uses. All the products that we offer are energy-efficient and will help you minimize your energy bills. The German technology and precision used in these products ensure that they last longer without requiring much repair and maintenance. The products are undoubtedly of good quality; however, our in-house team verifies all the products before adding them up in our stock. We do not sell substandard products; all the products that we sell come with manufacturer’s seal. If you are an environment lover, you would love using Bosch hot water systems that are designed to reduce green house gas emission as compared to many other products available in the market.

Bosch Hot Water Systems at Waterwize Sydney

There are tons of other suppliers of Bosch hot water systems but here is what sets us apart from the rest of them:

  • Competitive prices. Being a 25 year old company, we get lucrative discounts from the manufacturers and this is the reason why we can offer at extremely competitive prices.
  • Genuine products.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty available.
  • We are a licensed dealer.
  • Repair, installation, and re-installation services available.
  • Skilled team of technicians who are trained to deal with almost all problems.
  • A wide variety of products available to suit your needs. Whether you want a water heater for a small family or for a large business space, we address all your needs.

If you are looking to install a Bosch hot water system, get in touch with us at 02 9002 7345.

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Make a Life Time Investment with Bosch Hot Water Heater

Amongst the many brands marketed by Waterwize Services Pty Ltd, there is one hot water system that is the most sought-after. This is the Bosch Hot Water System. With a name to reckon with in the industry of hot water heating appliances, Bosch has been a popular brand for decades. Not only in Sydney, this product has a global appeal owing to its work proficiency and cost effectiveness.

Appliance Topping the Charts

Although our company offers a wide range of residential and commercial Bosch Hot Water Heater systems, the one that is the most popular is the tankless water heater. The most significant advantage of this system is saving energy. Why waste your and the world’s power resources 24 hours a day when the requirement is only for a few minutes? The innovative ‘on demand’ technology facilitates usage of water as and when required. We advise our consumers to embrace the environment and opt for a ‘greener’ heating system – this tankless water heater.
Moreover, the installation of this system will not only provide hot water, it also will reduce your electricity bill. Thanks to no accumulation of sediments, this tankless variant requires less maintenance.  With proper use and regular maintenance, this water heater can last a lifetime and offer you hot water in any season.

Introspect Your Requisites before Purchase

Each time you call for repair or replacement of an old water heater, you are charged for it.  However, at Waterwize, we believe in putting our customers’ interests in the forefront. Every consumer desires a product that will come at a reasonable price and provide undisturbed service for years. To make this into a reality, ensure that you examine the following aspects before buying the heater.

1. Depending upon the availability of gas, decide upon the fundamental characteristic of fuel ignition of the system. Remember, electric heaters are not only more highly priced, they also affected the environment adversely.

2. The level of water consumption on a daily basis is another crucial aspect. While a system providing a continuous flow of hot water may qualify for smaller households, larger number of people may be more comfortable with the storage tank heater.

3. Consideration needs to be given to issues of installation, such as space constraints and the distance the water has to travel from the system to the outlet.

4. Of course, what gets the ball rolling is the actual financial capacity. The solar variants require more investment compared to gas and electric water heaters.

Once these aspects are put in the right perceptive, purchase becomes convenient and cost effective. You can always count on our easily approachable staff to guide you in case of any doubt regarding Bosch hot water heater.