Believe it or not, we are extremely dependant on hot water. Be it for bathing, washing clothes, or for washing dishes, hot water is a basic requirement of our life and it is no wonder it contributes a lot to our energy bills. If you want to get rid of high energy bills, our solar hot water systems could be a good choice.

Benefits of Using Solar Hot Water Systems

We at Waterwize Services Pty Ltd. have a wide variety of solar water heaters for residential as well as commercial use. These heaters can help you save around 30% of your energy bills. Although these heaters require a higher upfront cost, they will prove to be highly economical in the long run. The government rebates and incentives will however, reduce their installation cost. These heaters work by absorbing the atmosphere’s heat through collectors or panels. This heat then passes through the water, thereby increasing its temperature. All our heaters are highly energy-efficient and are made of advanced technology to make optimum use of solar heat.

Our Solar Hot Water System Services

We sell solar hot water systems manufactured by some of the most renowned brands of Australia. They are genuine products and come with original manufacturer’s warranty. We do offer discounts on them. Along with installing solar heaters, we do offer all forms of repair and restoration services. Our emergency services are available 24 X 7. Unlike many other partially skilled plumbers and technicians who take time to resolve your issues, we do offer instant solutions. Our highly skilled team will come well-equipped with all the equipments and parts that might be needed for restoring or installing your solar hot water system.

We stock a wide variety of solar heaters. Call our friendly customer service team to brief us about your requirement and we will get back to you with the most appropriate products and solutions. We are sure we will have something that will best suit your requirement; however, in case we don’t have an appropriate product for you, we will be able to arrange it within a few days.

With more than 25 years of experience, we consider ourselves to be the best source for installing and repairing solar hot water system. To know more about us products, services, and prices, call us at 02 9002 7345.

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