Edwards Solar Hot Water System

Fed up of paying hefty energy bills? Looking for some low-cost solutions for getting hot water for your household uses? Why not harness the inexhaustible energy of sun to heat the water! A solar water heater can fulfil up to 80% of your hot water requirement. Such heaters are also eco-friendly because they minimize the green house gas emission.

If you are looking for a solar heater, we at Waterwize Services Pty Ltd strongly suggest you to invest in an Edwards Hot water system. Edwards has been manufacturing solar water heaters since 1963. Its products are designed as per Australian needs and conditions and are perfect for commercial as well as domestic use. Buying an Edward water heater will probably be the best investment that you can do for your home. Both ground mounted and roof mounted products are available and you can choose any of them as per your preference and availability of space. If you are not sure which one to choose, contact us for a free in-home consultation.

Benefits of Installing Edwards Hot Water System

Edwards hot water systems are undoubtedly of high quality. The company is known for manufacturing innovative range of high quality and efficient products. All the heaters come with an extended warranty. They last longer, so rest assured that you will not have to spend a lot in repairing them frequently.

Buying an Edwards hot water system from us will be the most economical option. We offer great discounts on all our products. The discounts are much better than what you can expect from other agencies and we would also like to mention that we do not compromise with the quality of products or services just to keep our prices low. The Government of Australia offers rebates to people who use solar power. This will further minimize your expenses. We also offer all forms of installation, repair, and re-installation services for Edwards hot water systems.

We guarantee you same day service. Call us at 02 9002 7345 and our skilled team of technicians will visit you within no time.

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