Contrast showers, or what it’s known for is as contrast hydrotherapy might be one of the most adequate and an effortless way to support your immune system and detoxification pathways. Nutrients in your body will be transported around your body by your circulatory system to maintain the health of your immune system and toxins will be eliminated from your body. It is so easy to boost your immune system and circulation just by taking contrast showers, you’ll be surprised!

What Are Contrast Showers Anyway?

The contrast shower is basically a “therapeutic contrast”. It is a quick movement of changing the temperature of your body from hot to cold and vice versa. It is when you take hot water shower then cold one.

You wouldn’t get the best results from a single shower or cold bath but rather from rotating between taking a hot and cold shower. It is also known as contrast hydrotherapy, which takes 20 minutes of normal showering. Turn up the hot water for three to five minutes then change to cold water for a minute, then switch back to hot.

Contrast shower can give you many benefits. The sudden blast from cool water can cause the blood in your body to flow to your vital organs whilst activating the parasympathetic nervous system. It could give you the boost in energy that you need. Because of that, it would also be preparing your adrenal glands to more efficiently handle stress. Coldwater is also very stimulating to the brain, which causes endorphins to be released immediately.

Why Does It Work?

This showering technique is not something new. Athletes have done it for a long time now because it helps them to reduce inflammation and support muscle injuries. Contrast shower forces your tissues to adapt to sudden changes in temperature which is its main objective. A lot of metabolic and circulatory action needed in this type of shower which makes it highly stimulating.

Simply put, the contrast temperature acts as a gentle training in the tissues. The contrasting temperature gives stimulation without stressing them and a favourable sensation without we have to move. This is ideal for someone who cannot exercise properly, or who has a sedentary work and find it hard to follow an exercise routine.

Steps to do a Contrast Shower

Contrast shower has simple steps that anyone can follow. Here are the steps:

  • Shower in warm or hot water for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Turn off the hot water, then turn on the cold water for just one minute.
  • Repeat 3 to 5 times.
  • Finish your shower with cold water.

To maximize the performance of the contrast shower, you should take as large a temperature difference as possible between the hot and cold-water shower. You should take the bigger portion of the hot shower than the cold one. You can take three to five minutes of a hot shower and one minute of the cold.


Taking contrast showers has more benefits than you can possibly imagine. This shower technique might also help you get rid of cellulite. It is an easy way to do and the benefits are amazing. Therefore, you should make the contrast showers as your daily routine. If you have any hot water system problems at home, or you just want to have that never-ending hot water for your shower routine, you should call Sydney Wide Hot Water as they give the best service with 25 years of experience.