Water heaters consume a lot of energy. They account for a major share of your energy bills. They are also a common source of greenhouse gas, especially the electric ones. Thankfully, they have a great alternative; the solar water heaters. By using solar energy for heating your everyday water requirement, you would be able to save almost 25% of your energy expenses. Installing them is also not very expensive. Further, Australian Government offers lucrative rebates and incentives on them. However, solar water heaters are yet to gain popularity. Most people avoid them thinking that they are too complicated. This however, is just a myth. Operating and maintain a solar water heater is as easy as maintaining an electric or gas heater.

If you are an environment lover like us and want to replace your existing heater with a solar Rheem hot water system, this blog will help you. Here, we will discuss a few important things that will help you choose solar heaters confidently.

How much can you save with a solar Rheem hot water system?

This is the most common question that people ask when we recommend them solar heaters. We won’t be able to provide you any concrete figure but solar heaters CAN minimize your electricity bills. This is because in most cases the water will be heated using solar energy only. You will save more than 80% energy that you used to use for heating water conventionally. This is a significant saving and therefore Rheem solar heaters are a worthy investment.

Can solar heaters function during winters or during bad weather?

Rheem is a technology driven company. It manufactures intelligent solar heating systems that come with an electric or gas boost function. This function works when the outdoor temperature is not sufficient to heat the water using solar energy. So, you will get hot water throughout the year irrespective of the weather condition.

How much space does a solar heater requires?

Like all other solar systems, Rheem hot water systems do not require much space. A standard household would require two collectors each measuring 2 metre tall and two metre wide. So, you would require 4 metre plus some more clear space to fix the collectors on your roof. The clear space should be located at an area that receives plenty of sunlight. It should not get shades from nearby trees and buildings. Consult our technicians to find out more specific details.

Are solar water heaters effective for commercial places?

Yes, they are. In fact, we strongly recommend them for commercial places such as for schools, retail shops, offices, hotels, etc. They can help you dramatically minimize your energy bills. Solar water heaters are highly effective and can be considered for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Can they heat as much water as I want?

Yes, they will. If the solar energy is not sufficient, the booster function will start working and your heater will automatically start using alternative energy source. To make the most out of solar energy, you must keep the solar panels cleaned. You must also insulate the tank in order to minimize heat loss.

We hope this blog educates you about solar water heaters. If you have any specific query or want to install a solar Rheem hot water system, get in touch with us at 02 9002 7345.