Every home needs a hot water system and it’s also a significant investment. This also means you have to conduct a certain amount of research before you actually decide which one will suit your requirements and which one will fit into your budget. When you start checking you will find that there really are a large number of systems to choose from such as electric water heaters, solar water heaters, gas hot water systems, commercial hot water systems, instantaneous water heaters and heat pumps etc.

Though the wide variety means that you have a lot to choose from, it can also confuse you. We at Waterwize Services Pty can help you out of this quandary. We have two and a half decades of experience behind us and cater to customers across the Eastern Suburbs, The Hills District, the Northern Beaches, Sutherland, St George, Western Sydney, Parramatta and the Inner West.

About the Stiebel hot water system

Today, when property owners are looking for hot water systems, they look for quality, durability and energy-efficiency. With these aspects in view, a Stiebel hot water system is a great option. Stiebel Eltron manufactures energy-efficient and innovative water heating systems. The company is headquartered in Germany but its products are sold in many countries across the world.  The company customises its water heaters to meet the existing Australian standards & needs and this is also why our company recommends these products.

Innovative products

We have been dealing in these products since our inception and know that these are high quality, innovative and efficient products. They are a worthy investment and provide years of trouble-free services. These are the salient features of a typical Stiebel hot water system:

  • Most of these hot water systems are very compact in size
  • Very effective and quick in heating water as it passes through the unit
  • These aren’t storage type heaters and they heat the water only as it is required
  • This is what adds to the energy-efficiency of the Stiebel hot water system
  • There is a wide range of designs to choose from and you can pick the system based  on the consumption pattern in your home
  • They don’t need  much space
  • Easy to install
  • Can be installed outside/inside your house

High grade products and excellent installation services

Every Stiebel hot water system we sell is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. All our team members are skilled, experienced and licensed to handle installation of these systems. This ensures you get high quality products and excellent installation services too.

We maintain very competitive pricing and offer deeply discounted rates and stock genuine branded water heaters of all the major brands in the country. In addition to installation, we also offer prompt and efficient replacement and repair services for a Stiebel hot water system and all the other brands too. For more information, call Waterwize Services Pty Ltd on –02 9002 7345 or use this online form to connect with us.