Having hot water in your home is a lot about comfort and the best way to ensure that you have this amenity without a glitch, is to opt for a good hot water system. While the focus is on comfort, today a lot of people are also becoming very eco-conscious and are opting for energy-efficient systems for their homes. In this respect, a Solar Hot Water Heater becomes an excellent choice. It’s one way to wave goodbye to high energy bills; however, when you are deciding to get hot water system installed, it’s important that you contact a reputed company for it.

We at Waterwize Services Pty are a company that has been operating in this space for a number of years. We know what it takes to provide customers with the best solutions that are customised to their needs. With so many different brands and companies selling so many different products, making the right choice of a Solar Hot Water Heater can be very difficult. This is where we step in. We can provide you comprehensive information about the different systems available and what their pros and cons are.

With over 25 years of experience in this field, we are a company that has created a distinct niche for ourselves. In this period of time, we have tackled a large number of projects for commercial and residential customers and have provided cost-effective Solar Hot Water Heater installations. We serve customers across the Eastern Suburbs, the Inner West, Western Sydney, Parramatta, St George, the Hills District and Sutherland.

Energy savers

The simple fact is that a good brand Solar Hot Water Heater can save you almost 30% on your energy bills which works out to a significant amount on an annual basis. It’s true that the upfront price of these heaters is higher, but they prove to be very economical in the long term. The heaters absorb the sun’s rays through their panels or collectors. The heat passes through the water and increases its temperature.  We sell heaters from some of the biggest brands in the country. These are all genuine branded products that come with a warranty from the original manufacturer.

While we are highly focused on providing high grade solutions, we are also focused on providing value for money and always offer our customers discounts on the Solar Hot Water Heater they buy from us. In case you have been using a system for a number of years and find that it is working erratically, we have excellent 24/7 emergency services. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians and plumbing specialists will come over to your location within the shortest time and fix the issue to your 100% satisfaction.

We have small-sized as well as commercial size water heaters of brands including Bosch, Dux, Alumax, Rinnai etc. For more information, contact Waterwize Services Pty Ltd on 02 9002 7345. You can also send us your queries using this online form.