Have you considered much about your hot water heater lately? The majority of hot water heater owners usually do not care much about their unit until they face an issue. Usually the initial thing this is certainly noticed is too little heated water, after which the investigating begins. They are several tips which will help you then become a fruitful hot water heater owner and help keep you one step ahead and that means you usually do not find yourself investing in worthwhile time coping with a damaged hot water heater. The main benefit of owning an effective water heater  is extended tank life span, reduced electricity costs, in addition to the prospect of little if any injury to occur as a consequence of water leakage. Additionally, becoming well-informed will likely make the whole process easier whenever your tank should be fixed or changed.

Recognise where your hot water heater is installed

This might sound straight forward, but occasionally it is tucked away in a loft or cellar rather than very easy to reach and after several years since a hot water heater is certainly not something people frequently contemplate it may be forgotten – until there’s no heated water.

Know what types of hot water heater you own

Additionally knowing whether you have got a storage tank type or a tankless type hot water heater is essential. Take note of the model number and serial wide range of your hot water heater as it can be  necessary for guarantee reasons.

Learn how to turn fully off the fuel or electrical power supply to your hot water heater

As soon as you find out what water heater you own, be fully advised on knowing how to turn off the gas or electricity comes within the unit.  There ought to be a gas valve or a detach switch within a couple of feet regarding the hot water heater. It’s also a smart idea to know where most of your gas shut down valve is or which breaker is actually for the hot water heater just in case the shut down near the hot water heater that  does not work.

Know where the water shut off valve to the water heater is

Yet again, if you want to use special tools to make the valve off, keep these things nearby along side a stepladder in the event the valve is over the hot water heater and you also want to turn the water off rapidly. Majority of shut-off valves are observed over the hot water heater from the cold side piping.

Ensure that the area around your hot water heater is clear

Whether it’s gas or electric in the event that unit begins to leak the water may be invisible from view or soak into what exactly is being kept around. This will probably cause an extended leak, which includes the possibility of resulting in more water damage and mould and cause to hot water heater to warm itself more frequently, totally wasting energy. You are also suggested not storing anything near the unit

Empty or flush your hot water heater and carry out an annual inspection

Preserving your hot water heater is a rather effective practice. It may affect life span, energy savings in addition to safety regarding the unit more than its lifespan.

When you have problems with your hot water heater give Sydney Wide Hot Water a call if you are not sure what to do next or if you are having any problem that is related to your hot water heater unit