A deteriorating hot water heater is a serious issue. A cold shower is not very relaxing. When you get cold water from your shower it’s a sign that it needs to be repaired. Now there may raise a question in your mind whether the water heater in your house needs repairing or replacing. There are few signs when you will know that it is the time that your water heater requires a maintenance check-up.

The first sign is the age of your water heater. The maximum life span of a heater could be 7 to 8 years and after a certain time it needs proper maintenance and regular checks and if it’s too old it needs to be replaced, if the water is being not heated properly and you are getting cold water from the faucet it means it’s time when you should get your water heater repaired, leaks and rusty color of the tank of the water heater also indicates the time for maintenance of your water heater the rusty colour of the water heaters show that it is deteriorating and needs repairing, the sediments bought up by the water may get settled on  the base of the heater and may not let the water to be heated properly and can also cause irreversible problems. There are not many problems that occur in water heaters.

Hence the repairing of water heater is classified as follows:

1. Fixing broken dip tubes

The dip tube carries the cold water from the municipal supply to the water heater bottom where the water gets heated up and rises above but if the dip tube breaks the cold water gets settled up and mix with the hot water making it cold. The broken dip tube of the water heater is the most common problems occurring in heaters.

2. Restoring a faulty burner.

The problem in the burners of a gas water heater is common. The burners get rusted or the dirt gets collected over the surface of the burner and can lead to the problems related to the ignition. The low gas flow through the burner will reduce the power of the burner hence its efficiency to heat water gets low. To cope up with this problem the professional technicians are to be trusted.

3. Replacement of failed heating elements.

In an electrical water heater, there are two water heating elements present to heat the water effectively if any one of the elements break the water will not get heated properly and you may experience lukewarm water from your faucets and showers. Technicians open up the water tank and replace the broken elements making your water heater as effective as the new one.

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