Hot water is a basic requirement. Be it for bathing, dishwashing, laundry, or for hand washing; you keep requiring hot water throughout the day. This means that your electric hot water heater is always busy. Water heating can contribute up to 25% of your monthly energy bills. Unmaintained water heaters can become energy hog and inflate your energy bills tremendously. We at Waterwize Hot Water Services therefore, suggest you to maintain your appliances regularly so that they work as efficiently as they should. Along with maintenance, here are some suggestions that you must follow in order to minimize your energy expenses:

  • If you have a conventional electric hot water heater, it’s high time you must upgrade it and install the tankless units. Such systems generate on-demand hot water instead of heating up a lot of water and storing it in a tank. On-demand heating will minimize your electricity consumption.
  • In most cases, we need warm to slightly hot water and not very hot water. If you haven’t ever adjusted the temperature of your heater, check its temperature settings and adjust it to 120 degrees. The lower the temperature, the lesser will be the energy consumed. Further, setting the temperature right will prevent scalding accidents.
  • Insulate your heater to make the water stay hot for a longer duration. The longer the water stays hot, the lesser will be the reheating, and lesser will be the energy wastage. Refer the manufacturer’s instruction to find out what type of insulation is required by your hot water system. Never use a blanket for insulation; it will not work. Buy a proper insulation cover it for better results.
  • With more than 25 years of experience in repairing electric hot water systems, we have found that most households do not use heaters of appropriate sizes. The heating system is either too small or too big as per their requirement. Using an inappropriate size unit can affect your energy bills, especially if you use something that is too big for your needs. You will be heating a lot of water and would need only a portion of it. Why waste so much energy? Evaluate your hot water needs and if required, change your unit. If you are not sure, speak to our consultants.
  • The timer is a very useful gadget that you can use to conserve your energy. Install it and set it in a way that the unit gets turned off when it is not being used for quite some time.
  • Get your heater maintained on a regular basis. Maintenance is very essential for prolonging the life of your water heater. With time, sediments starts developing inside it, thereby affecting its efficiency. Our technicians can remove these sediments completely and will also inspect the anode rods and tank to identify signs of rusting. They will replace the worn out parts, thereby making your heater run as efficiently as a new one. We at Waterwize Hot Water Services suggest you to get your appliance inspected at least once a year.

If your heater is quite old, you may consider replacing it. Always buy energy efficient models, as they consume less energy. We hope this blog helps you minimize your energy bills. To get your heater inspected, call us at 02 9002 7345.