Quantum Hot Water Systems

Why Should I install a Quantum heat pump hot water system


There are a lot of benefits for owning a Quantum heat pump water heater:
High efficiency: Quantum has been selling heat pumps for over 30 years. We have the best experience and the highest efficiency on the water heating market.
Depending on which water heater is currently installed in your house, replacing it with a quantum system can save up to 75% of the current energy cost.
The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the efficiency.
On average the efficiency figures are 95% for gas, 100% for electric and around 350% for a heat pump.
Easy to install: A domestic Quantum hot water heat pump is installed the same way as an electric system. There are no panels on the roof that can incur additional installation cost or storm damage.
Can operate in many different climates: Quantum heat pumps can operate in warm climates, cold climates (down to -10ºC temperature), during the day (with or without sun) and during the night. Most other heat pumps come equipped with an electric booster element that takes over when the ambient temperature drops below 10ºC.
Low running costs:* The graph below shows a comparison between the cost of the different water heating systems. As you can see, the Quantum heat pump has the lowest running cost, lower than solar (and with the advantage of running without sun), and much lower than LPG and Electric.
*If the system is constantly running or the electricity bill is higher than expected, please call our customer service or click here to check our “questions and answers” page.



The Quantum compact commercial heat pumps (Models 340-17ACW-134) HWS are extensively used in commercial applications such as hotels, caravan park, resorts and mines.

And a lot of Quantum water heaters have been installed in these places replacing previous electric units. Why?

Significantly lower running costs: Electric units can get very costly to run, especially if they have double and triple elements.

Can be connected to a circulating pump: The Quantum commercial HWS are the only heat pumps available that can be connected to a circulating pump.
Can be connected in a manifold: So they are able to produce a large amount of hot water in a short amount of time to cater for any large complex or resort. (for example 10 units connected in a manifold can produce between 1000 to 2000 litres per hour).
Storage capacity within: Unlike other one system large heat pumps or gas unit where there is also need to buy the storage capacity.
Never run out of hot water If one of the units in the manifold stops working, the other units will continue to provide hot water as normal while this one is waiting to be repaired.
Eligible for rebates: Unlike the large industrial heat pump systems, the 17ACW and 17ASW commercial systems are eligible for government rebates, which has a huge impact on the purchase cost.
What if the plantroom area is too small?
The Quantum split commercial systems (model 340-17ASW-134) are designed to work in the case of retro small plantrooms where the area is too small to install the compact models. Small area means not enough air circulation. Therefore, the storage unit stays inside and the separate fan-evaporator box is installed outdoor with access to unlimited air.

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